How do I add an Agency

How do I add an Agency

System administrators can use the Agency Setup tools in Tracker Products software to create multiple agencies (locations) and/or modify agency information

Single-agency setup

The Agency Setup page contains your organization's contact information. Complete the requested fields or modify them as necessary to maintain accurate records within your tracking system.

Multiple-agency setup

This feature is for customers that track items in more than one physical locataion. Many of our clients, such as the Tennessee State Highway Patrol, have multiple offices throughout a state or region. Others have multiple agencies throughout the country or around the world. Items are stored at each separate location and often need to be accessed by users at other locations. It's not always necessary to be in the same building or even the same country as the items you need to track.

Not all organizations with multiple storage areas, however, need to setup their tracking system with multiple agencies. If a police department has an off-site storage area that serves as an extension of their primary storage facility [even if it is located in a different geographic location], it should be considered a separate storage location but not a unique agency. The objective should be to allow all users within your system to access any item in the system. In most cases, that scenario is best achieved with a single agency.

Whether or not your organization should utilize multiple agencies depends on two things:

  1. Location[s] where items are tracked and stored.
  2. Your need as an organization to differentiate the items collected by users in various locations When multiple offices or storage locations are utilized and a user's access should be based on his/her affiliation with a specific location, multiple agencies should be enabled.

In Agency Setup you will enter each facility that is part of the organization. The first screen in Agency Setup will show information for the default or main facility. The fields displayed on this page will allow you to modify the information associated with your agency. Click the 'Add Agency' tab [shown above] to create more facilities. If you click the 'Agency Setup' icon on the Quick Menu and only see one tab, multiple locations are not enabled in your tracking system.

For more information on multiple agency setup, refer to the User Administration section.