Getting Started Checklist

Getting Started Checklist

Tracker Install Checklist

Please start by watching the Installation Video that explains the contents of this page.


Planning and preparation for the best possible implementation and use of the Tracker Products system at your organization is a key step in maximizing its potential. Be sure to complete the following items correctly and in order to ensure a successful installation and overall tracking experience.

Software implementation: Phase one

These steps are typically completed prior to an on-site setup and training visit by a Tracker Products representative.

  1. Go to the Tracker product blog and register your email to receive updates. This will ensure that you get notification of all product updates and new releases.
  2. Install enough hardware to complete training (at least one of each item). Zebra Printers. PDA Device.
  3. Complete the Agency setup
  4. Complete User Administration. Designate appropriate permissions for all users.
  5. Perform storage location setup - both permanent and temporary. Do not print any location labels until your Tracker support rep has reviewed the setup.
  6. Review the Quick Reference Manual for Item Entry Users. Guide. This document will walk you through some of the most basic functions in the system. You will essentially be learning how to use the system from the standpoint of a item entry user before you move into administration functions.
  7. Create a couple of test cases/projects with at least fifteen items of various types if you did not already complete as part of the Quick Reference Manual.
  8. Customize your case/project, person, item and miscellaneous screens (if necessary).
  9. Review the 'Reports' option in the bucket list and 'Plug-In Reports' drop down menu. If you need any modifications to any reports or labels, please contact Tracker support. How to submit custom form modifications
  10. Using your test case, perform at handful of manual transcations of each type. Check In Temp Items, Check InCheck OutMove & Disposition.
  11. Update a few of the items in your case.
  12. Contact your implementation representative to go over all that you have done. If all is good we will dump all your test data so that you can go live. If you are a purchased client we will move the site to your servers at this point.
  13. (Recommended) Watch video from the Tracker Products Software Conference 2013 in St. Louis. - Conference PDF Approximately 5.5 hours

Suggestions for going Live with the Tracker system

Some 80% of your day to day Tracker use is based on many of the steps you just completed in the Phase 1 implementation training. The most basic features include adding items, printing labels / reports, checking those items in or out and disposition. We highly recommend that you go live before doing anything in Phase 2 simply because we want to limit the amount of things you have to learn. The most important step in getting to a Live state is to just start. If you can enter a item, print a label and then check that item in or out you have most of the basic steps. If you do decide to go live at this point we recommend that you keep the following things in mind.

  1. Review Your Setup - Make sure you review all of the Phase 1 items with your Tracker account representative. We want to make sure that everything is as it should be before you start entering live material.
  2. Go Live - The worst you can do is mess something up and you have to start over. If that happens just chalk it up to more training time.
  3. Start Small - Do not try to bring your entire agency on at one time. Make sure you know what you are doing and then you can bring on other users.
  4. Train the Trainer - Once you have mastered the basics, train another user or two and see how that goes. If all goes well, you can train others users or have those new users train others. If all does not go well then you have minimized the mess up to one or two people
  5. Forget About The Hard Stuff - Dont' worry about the PDA, Advanced Searching, Auditing or other Phase 2 features. Right now you need to master the basic stuff and when you feel good about that you can move on.

Software implementation: Phase two

These steps are typically completed during an on-site setup and training visit by a Tracker Products representative.

  1. Using the PDA scanner and signature capture device.
  2. Using the Desktop Scanning feature if you have a desktop or bluetooth scanner.
  3. Advanced searching.
  4. Ticket communication system.
  5. Advanced Tools (Item lockingCustody maintenance).
  6. Permission Group Setup
  7. Master Reports Setup / Available Master Reports
  8. System Switches
  9. Manual system inventories